Note that shadow players also required to attend the SE Trials on March 13th at Kareela Oval.


1 Tamara Brydon Engadine
2 Alannah Merchant Engadine
3 Kiani Pistola Heathcote
4 Jessica Goodwin Heathcote
5 Amelia Kirby Kirrawee
6 Lani Mcauliffe Kirrawee
7 Kyra Ereckson Kirrawee
8 Torah Christie Kirrawee/SE
9 Bronte Tilsed Kirrawee
10 Jasmin Lawler Kirrawee
11 Lily Hart Kirrawee/SE
12 Jasmine Stretton Kirrawee
13 Jenan Codmani Menai/SE
14 Emily Fraser Menai/SE
15 Tayla Garifalakis Menai
16 Tara Palmer Lucas Heights
17 Zoe Hart (Injured) Kirrawee
18 Jess Meads (Injured) Lucas Heights
Shadow players
Jade Keegan Heathcote
Abbey Hoy Kirrawee
Delta Garifalakis Menai
Dakota Davies Menai


Below is the list for the Girls Zone Soccer Squad. Congratulations for being selected.

The Sydney East trials are on Monday March 19 at Kareela Ovals. You will need to meet Mr. Whitaker at the ground at 8.30 am, and must bring a permission note from the school to give to the SE convenor (Dylan Hughes).

Please notify John Whitaker at Kirrawee High should you be unable to make the trials so that he can notify the next girl in line.

2018 Zone Team

1)      Jess Meads Lucas Heights
2)      Lani McAulliffe Kirrawee
3)      Zoe Hart Kirrawee
4)      Lily Hart Kirrawee
5)      Chelsea Hendra Kirrawee
6)      Jasmine Lawler Kirrawee
7)      Jasmine Stretton Kirrawee
8)      Torah Christie Kirrawee
9)      Kyra Erickson Kirrawee
10)  Alyssa Schwereb Engadine
11)  Meagan Lennox Engadine
12)  Jenan Codmani Menai
13)  Iman Codmani Menai
14)  Emily Fraser Menai
15)  Mia Muratto Menai
16)  Tara Palmer  Lucas Heights
17)  Bronte Tilsed Kirrawee


Sydney East Trials REPORT

Zone Soccer Report

The Sutherland Zone 2017 boy’s football team came away from the annual Sydney East carnival crowned as undefeated champions.

Their first game in hot conditions at Kareela Oval was against Bligh Zone. Sutherland dominated from the start with Kane Arduin and Callum Talbot up front causing havoc to the Bligh defence. It was no surprise when the goals came, first from Talbot (2 goals), then Dylan Russo. An emphatic 3-0 victory.

The next game would prove to be a real test against the very strong Port Hacking Zone. Again the Sutherland boys took control and with a powerful back four of Dylan Locaputo-Panagis, Coan Emmenegger, Mohamed Almear and Blake Anderson, Port Hacking were unable to make any inroads. Despite having little to do in the first game, keeper Nathan Cupitt did a great job organising the defence and distributing the ball to ignite numerous attacking raids. The speedy Kane Arduin got the winning goal, but the 1-0 win did not reflect the superiority of the Sutherland team.

The final game against the combined St George/Eastern Suburbs Zones was a complete demolition job. Sutherland Zone unleashed their attacking superiority with goals to Talbot and Sam Kelly in an entertaining 2-0 result.

Whilst it was pleasing that four boys were selected in the Sydney East team, a number of boys were very unlucky to miss out. Keeper Cupitt in particular was a class act. He kept a clean sheet in all three games and deserved better. Kane Arduin looked dangerous every time he touched the ball, but being only in year 10 will surely be a certainty for 2018. Blake Anderson at the back was another younger player who will be one to watch next year.

Max White, normally a keeper was a hit playing out on the field and Sam Kelly was his usual energetic self. Dylan Russo was a stand out, first as a midfielder, then at the back. Preston Knowles showed his versatility throughout, a very handy player. Dylan Lamour was very solid and for the second year in a row he did a great job.

Congratulations to Dylan Locaputo, Mohamed Almear, Coan Emmenegger (all from Menai High) and Callum Talbot (Kirrawee High), who were selected for Sydney East at the state titles.

All the boys were fantastic ambassadors for their respective schools and it was an absolute pleasure to be associated with such a fine bunch of young men!

Alan Fallah (coach)

Kane Arduin Menai(Striker)
Sam Kelly Kirrawee (Attacking Midfield)
Nathan Cupitt Lucas Heights (Keeper)
Josh Johnson Menai (Left wing)
Coan Emmenegger Menai (Centre back)
Blake Anderson Kirrawee (Back)
Dylan Russo Kirrawee (Midfield/Back)
Dylan Lamour Kirrawee (Defensive Mid)
Max White Kirrawee (Keeper)
Callum Talbot Kirrawee (Forward)
Mohamed Almear Menai (R Back)
Luke Roper Lucas Heights (Midfield)
Dylan Locaputo-Panagis Menai  (Midfield/Back)
Dimitris Delhas Kirrawee(Midfield)
 Preston Knowles Kirrawee(Utility)


Sydney East Team

Beth Whitaker KHS
Roisin Collier KHS
Torah Christie KHS
Jess Meads Lucas Heights
Iman Codmani Menai
Emily Fraser Menai

Shadow players
Lily Hart KHS
Zoe Hart KHS
Jenan Codmani Menai


CHS 6-8th June T2 Wk7

1 Emma Gidney GOALIE
2 Beth Whitaker FORWARD/MID
3 Bridget Fallah FORWARD / MID
4 Jasmine Stretton MID
5 Lily Hart MID
6 Jenan Codmani MID
7 Holly Miles ANYTHIING
8 Roisin Collier MID/BACK
9 Iman Codmani BACK/MID
10 Jess Meads BACK
11 Alyssa Schwereb BACK
12 Zoe Hart BACK
13 Emily Fraser BOB BACK
14 Torah Christie BACK
15 Chelsea Hendra BACK
16 Ashlee Brydon MID
17 Lara White FORWARD


The girls all did really well at the Sydney East Region Trials, held on Monday 14th March. The convenor and many of the other coaches commented on the talent of every one of the girls on the day.

Whilst many of the girls were successful in making the Sydney East Team or the shadow squad, both Jess and myself felt some of the others were unlucky to miss out.

All the girls are to be congratulated and encouraged  to trial again next year.

The Sutherland Zone  girls who are were successful this year are:


 Sydney East Team
Maddison Farmer    Lucas Heights
Nicole Besz                Menai
Zoe Yeats                   Engadine
Beth Whitaker          Kirrawee
Elise McAlpine          Kirrawee
Larissa Wales            Kirrawee
Lily Hart                     Kirrawee
Shadow Players
Bridget Fallah                Gymea
Karlee Hildebrandt       Kirrawee
Zoe Hart                         Kirrawee
Thanks     John and Jess


Here is the 2016 Sutherland Zone team list

  Name School
1 Bridget Fallah Gymea
2 Maddison Farmer Lucas Heights
3 Beth Whitaker Kirrawee
4 Elise McAlpine Kirrawee
5 Karlee Hildebrandt Kirrawee
6 Grace Roddy Kirrawee
7 Julia Figueira Menai
8 Nicole Besz Menai
9 Larissa Wales Kirrawee
10 Zoe Yates Engadine
11 Iman Codmani Menai
12 Lily Hart Kirrawee
13 Emma Gidney Kirrawee
14 Roisin Collier Kirrawee
15 Zoe Hart Kirrawee
 ​Shadow Players 
1 Chelsea Hendra Kirrawee
2 Janan Codmani Menai
3 Ashleigh Brighton Engadine
4 Torah Christie Kirrawee
5 Lara White (injured)
The shadow players will be playing in other zones at the moment. Currently we have been given permission for all shadow players to play in other zones. If this changes, the number is the order in which the girls will be chosen.
Any inquiries email john.whitaker@det.nsw.edu.au.
Jessica Carter and John Whitaker

All boys are reminded to bring the school permission note to the SE Trials on  21st March, and to make sure the school knows you will be absent on school business that day. Information about the trials can be found on the link:


Ethan Macky GK

Adam Hristodoulou –  Gymea

Liam Thomas –  Kirrawee

Jeremy Kemp –  Kirrawee

Reggae Prowley –  Heathcote

Brad Watts –  Heathcote

Sam Kelly –  Kirrawee

Dylan Larmour –  Kirrawee

Brock Whiffin –  Kirrawee

Sean Molloy – Engadine

Cameron Bradley – Engadine

Joshua Johnson – Menai

Dylan Locapato-Panagis – Menai

Coen Emmenegger – Menai

Mohammed Almeer – Menai

Callum Talbot – Kirrawee

Dimitri Delhas – Kirrawee

Coach:Alan Fallah Gymea THS


  1. Dua Akol (Heathcote) SE SQUAD
  2. Harry Callahan (Heathcote) SE SQUAD
  3. Jack Thorne (Menai)
  4. James Markovic (Menai) SE SQUAD
  5. Michael Figuera Menai)
  6. Jeremy Kemp (Kirrawee)
  7. Aaron Hewitt (Kirrawee)
  8. Callum Talbot(Kirrawee)
  9. Reese McAlpine(Kirrawee)
  10. Tim Clay(Kirrawee)
  11. Ben Wilcox(Gymea)
  12. Adam Hristodoulou (Gymea) SE SQUAD
  13. Mitchell Evans (Lucas Heights) SE SQUAD
  14. Rhys Leitch (Kirrawee)
  15. Sam Kelly(Kirrawee)

Liam Thomas(Kirrawee) has been added subject to fitness tests.

Boys Zone Football Report

The Sutherland Zone football team completed another successful campaign, remaining undefeated for the second consecutive year competing in the Sydney East 2015 football carnival.

Game 1 v Bligh Zone

Sutherland were dominant throughout the opening game and were rewarded with a well taken Jeremy Kemp goal in the 5th minute. Dua Akol, James Markovic and Rhys Leitch were initiating numerous raids, while Jack Thorne, Kemp and Harry Callahan were proving a handful for the Bligh defence.  A mix up at the back involving keeper Mitch Evans however allowed Bligh to equalise against the run of play before Kemp netted his second goal.  Bligh equalised again from only their second shot on goal before Callahan came to the rescue with the winner for a deserved 3-2 victory.

Game 2 v Port Hacking Zone

This was a hard fought match and much more even than the first game. Sutherland created numerous chances and they were very unlucky not to lead early. Port Hacking had opportunities also, but the strong Sutherland back four lead by James Markovic stayed solid. The inevitable goal for Sutherland finally arrived in the 15th minute, a clever shot from Tim Clay. With the game seemingly wrapped up, Port Hacking scored a late equaliser and despite appearing to be offside, the goal was allowed to stand. The final score of 1-1 did not reflect the dominance and superiority of the Sutherland boys.

Game 3 v St George Zone

In their final game, Sutherland unleashed some of their best football on the hapless St George zone. Despite losing the reliable Rhys Leitch with a muscle strain, Markovic and Adam Hristodoulou were dictating the pace of the game and young Sam Kelly showed touches of class. The goals started to flow with first Callahan, then Reece McAlpine netting before Jack Thorne completed the 3-0 rout.

Five Sutherland players gained selection in the Sydney East team to compete in the NSWCHS carnival in Manly. They were Harry Callahan and Dua Akol (Heathcote).  Adam Hristodoulou (Gymea), Mitch Evans (Lucas Heights) and James Markovic (Menai).

Back up keeper Michael Figuera was solid throughout impressing the selectors, while Tim Clay and Reese McAlpine were always dangerous. Aaron Hewitt showed versatility covering a number of positions and Sam Kelly demonstrated more skill and aggression as he gained confidence with each game. Rhys Leitch played well until injured and Jack Thorne created numerous chances before finally scoring in game three.

The boys showed a high level of skill and determination throughout the tournament and were a pleasure to coach. The Sutherland zone team were a credit to themselves and their respective schools.

Alan Fallah


Congratulations to the girls who are in the team. This was by far the biggest turnout with 30 girls, all of which were quality players.

The team this year is
1. Brodie Schrueder (Kirrawee)
2. Maddison Farmer (LHCS) SE SQUAD
3. Kate Dale (Engadine) SE SQUAD
4. Zoe Yeats(engadine) TRAIN ON SQUAD
5. Zoe Hart (Kirrawee)
6. Nicole Besz (Menai) SE SQUAD

7. Roisin Collier (Kirrawee) TRAIN ON SQUAD
9. Lily Hart (Kirrawee)
10. Beth Whitaker (Kirrawee) SE SQUAD
11. Elhana Hards (Engadine) SE SQUAD
12. Bridget Fallah (Gymea)
13. Melody Nelson  (LHCS)
14. Megan Dibley(Kirrawee)
15. Karlee Hildebrandt(Kirrawee) TRAIN ON SQUAD

Reserve List
Iman Codmani (Menai)
Jade Melrose (Engadine)
Holly Miles (Heathcote)

Chelsea Hendra(Kirrawee)

Sutherland Zone Report


The Sutherland Zone Girls Football were once again successful during the Sydney East Tournament and showed to be the strongest side on the day. The girls displayed a high level of skill and determination throughout the tournament. They should be proud of their performance and are an asset to their respective schools



2- 0  Vs Endeavour

This was a great start to the competition. The Sutherland girls were looking alive and capitalised on the oppositions slow start with Beth scoring a goal within the first 2minutes. The girls immediately gelled together with some great passing within the mid area, consistently spreading the ball wide. We were very srong in defense and our goalie Brodie made a great save. The game concluded with a 2-0 defeat over Endeavour.


10-0 Eastern Suburbs

Having kept the ball in the oppositions half for most of the game, there were plenty of shots on goal however, none seemed to hit the back of the net during the early minutes of the game. The girls have come together as a team communicating and passing accurately and utilising the whole field.  As they continued to work as a team the goals started to come one after the other. Melody in the backs was lucky enough to slip the ball past the keeper as well as Beth Scoring 3, Elhana 2,Bridget 2,  Zoe Hart 1, Roisin 1 and Nicole with 1. A convincing win that’s for sure!


4-0 Vs St George

Game three shaped up to be a very short game due to the cloudy and stormy weather approaching. The girls looked to be enjoying this game with some great through balls passed accurately to our forwards who seemed capitalised on most goal scoring opportunities. Some excellent individual skill was demonstrated on the field by Elhana, Roisin and Beth and consistent chasing in the midfield by Jess Meads and Karlee Hildebrandt.



Sydney East Team Possibles and Probables

Congratulations the following girls selected in the possibles and probable’s squad


  • Beth Whitaker
  • Karlee Hildebrandt
  • Zoe Yates
  • Nicole Besz
  • Jessica Meads
  • Kate Dale
  • Madison Farmer
  • Roisin Collier
  • Bridget Fallah
  • Megan Dibley
  • Elhana Hards
  • Iman Codmani


Sydney East Team

A big congratulations to the following girls who made the Sydney east team and train on squad.

  • Beth Whitaker
  • Elhana Hards
  • Madison Farmer,
  • Kate Dale,
  • Nicole Besz


Train on squad

  • Roisin Collier
  • Jess Meads
  • Zoe Yates
  • Karlee Hildebrandt


The Sutherland Zone football team came away from the Sydney East championships as worthy winners.
The boys had to play three games at the Ridge in hot conditions with only one sub and later due to injuries were down to 10 players.
The quality of the squad shone through however and the boys were able to win all three games comfortably and gain five representatives in the Sydney East team to play the state championships at Rooty Hill.
The results were as follows:       Sutherland Zone v Bligh  Zone 1-0 WIN
Sutherland Zone v Port Hacking Zone 5-1 WIN
Sutherland Zone v St George Zone 7-1 WIN

The Sutherland Zone Team
Students who made the Sydney East Team are highlighted in blue
Mitchell Palmer (LHCS)
Anthony Morabito (LHCS)
Mitchell Evans (LHCS)
Blake Robertson (LHCS)
James Markovic (Menai)
Jake Hards (Engadine)
Brendan Curtis (Engadine)
Dau Akol (Heathcote)
Ryan Hope (Heathcote)
Liam Thomas (Kirrawee)
Oliver Renphrey (Kirrawee)
Joel Beattie (Gymea)
Marcus Beattie (Gymea)

Congratulations to all the boys who were fine ambassadors for their respective schools.

Alan Fallah (Coach)


The following girls attended the Sydney East Trial on 3rd April:

Engadine High

Kate Dale
Jade Melrose
Ehlana Hards
Kirrawee High
Jordy Baker
Beth Whitaker
Roisin Collier
Emma Gidney
Larissa Wales
Chelsea Hendra
Karlee Hildebrandt
Lucas High
Genevieve Nisbet
Maddie Farmer
Menai High
Jasmine Grey
Briyanna Griffin

BOYS FOOTBALL2013(trialled for Sydney East on March 28th)

Students who made the team are highlighted in blue.


Jake Hards

Jake Marshall

Mitchell Aitken


Mitchell Wilkinson


Ryan Gunner

Callum Brown

Marcus Beattie

Joel Beattie

Josh Woodlands

Timothy Feliciano

Murray Whiteside


Brayden Smith

Brandon Paul


Matt Dunston



GIRLS FOOTBALL(trialled for Sydney East on April 3rd)

Students who made the team are highlighted in blue


Kellie Mutch

Lucas Heights

Sara Eigsti

Jasmin Grey
Rachelle Cain
Merae Papanicolaou
Julia Figueira
Imon Codmani
Jessica Kissur
Nicole Besz

Jordan Baker
Beth Whitaker
Sarah Beckinsale
Erin Hitches
Roisin Collier
Larissa Wales
Emily Leitch

Brittany Christie (Shadow player))
Kate Dale(Shadow player)
Catherine Fsadni