Cross Country


Cross Country Cartoon

Date:  Monday May 13th, 2019

Venue:           Heathcote High School and surrounding area behind Heathcote East, finishing at Heathcote High School.

Food:The school canteen will put on a ‘small’ BBQ with drinks and sausage sandwich for $5.50 at the Zone Cross Country Carnival. It is still  strongly suggested that students still bring their own water and drinks for the course of the day.

Course: Please click on the attachment below for the 3 courses.

Cross Country 2018 3, 4 & 6 km Tracks

Program:       Starting times will be as close as possible to the program below.

9.00am Girls 17 years 4000m
9.10am Boys 17 / 18 years 6000m
9.20am Girls 18 years 6000m
9.30am Boys 16 years 6000m
10.30am    All junior competitors to meet at the bottom oval of Heathcote High School.
Course open. Competitors will walk through the course in reverse pattern.
11.20am    Course closed.
11.30am Girls 12 years 3000m
11.45am Boys 12 years 3000m
12.00pm Girls 13 years 3000m
12.20pm Boys 13 years 3000m
12.30pm Girls 14 years 4000m
12.45pm Boys 14 years 4000m
1.00pm Girls 15 years 4000m
1.15pm Boys 15 years 4000m
1.30pm Girls 16 years 4000m


Food: Please bring your own food and drinks

Entry:   Names of all students competing should be faxed to Heathcote High School (attention Scott Carpenter) by Wednesday 8th May, 2019.  A maximum of 12 runners per age group should be entered.

Other details:           Each school is responsible for the security of students’ clothing and equipment at Heathcote High School. All staff are to assemble first at Heathcote High School before they go to their supervision positions. A brief meeting will take place between the convenors and these staff. Zone teams will be selected according to the finishing places during the age group races. School colours must be worn by all competitors.

Selection:     The first 10 runners will represent the Sutherland Zone at the  Sydney East Region Championships to be held at Miranda Park on Friday 14th June, 2019. There are no school teams in 2019. Competitors at the Sydney East Championships will be levied $6 per competitor, to be collected by each school

Convener:  Scott Carpenter PE Department– Heathcote High School